The “Diamond Building”

Of all the many unique skyscrapers that surround Chicago, the Crain Communications Building is the most famous for its diamond shape at the top. Rumors spread about the building that it was supposed to be in a yonic shape as a feminist shout-out, though they were quickly dismissed. Other ideas behind the building were to prevent any shadow from falling on the beach; however, this was immediately disproved because the beach is too far away for the building to cast any shadow.

During this day it is just a diamond building. It is not the tallest building or the widest, but it is the most eye-catching in the area surrounding the Chicago Cultural Center and the rest of the Loop. But during the night, the building is lit up with bulbs all around the diamond shape — sometimes even words are illuminated in the lights as well for drivers to read on their commutes.

This building is regarded for its relative simplicity: the sleek marble and the general shininess of the building help create its luxurious, authentic Chicago feel to it. The architecture in Chicago is diverse and loaded in history – even with the Chicago Fire! This building has a newer feel than some of the building’s other neighbors, but that helps to highlight the diversity of the people in the city and to show that no two people are alike, just like skyscrapers.




Author: internetrachael

Rachael is a junior at Keene State College with a major in Management and a minor in American Studies. She's the president of a co-ed social fraternity on campus, and when she isn't working or at school she enjoys sewing and sculpting. Her blog is based off of an experimental teaching style: open pedagogy.

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