The Cultural Capital of Chicago

I would not be able to talk about the open space of democracy or diversity without talking about the Chicago Cultural Center. Our Spring Break trip spent an entire day inside of this facility, which is home to various art galleries and installations every season. It is free all year for people to just explore the different cultures around Chicago.
Beaux Arts is the style of architecture which holds the Cultural Center inside. It was the nation’s first free city-operated cultural center.


It’s kind of funny that the style of the building is Beaux Arts, which translates into “Fine Arts”. The building is not meant to display art by European people, but focuses on the arts of minorities or other underrepresented groups living in and close to Chicago. This building is famous for its inside more than it is the outside.
The inside hosts the world’s largest Tiffany dome, which shines immaculately in the light of the center. It was recently restored in 2008, about the time that the Cultural Center was in the process of restoration as well.

But it was not always a beloved  building for its time. In the 1960s, there was word of the building being destroyed. However, many people protested this because of the uniqueness of the building in the middle of the Chicago Loop during the time. In 1972, the wife of the mayor of Chicago spoke up about the demolition saying, “I am for restoring and keeping all the beautiful buildings.” The building is important to the city, and people loved that it was different.

source: Chicago Cultural Center


Author: internetrachael

Rachael is a junior at Keene State College with a major in Management and a minor in American Studies. She's the president of a co-ed social fraternity on campus, and when she isn't working or at school she enjoys sewing and sculpting. Her blog is based off of an experimental teaching style: open pedagogy.

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