So what?

So what if Chicago has a lot of diverse buildings? So what if there are many different styles of architecture? What does that have to do with me? Why should that make me feel like I’m contributing to a democracy?

Cities, not just Chicago, are the perfect place to execute your democratic freedoms. However, Chicago is known for its diverse buildings, people, and urban planning which has helped it become such a front-runner (inside of the city). This is not to say that Chicago is perfect; it is still the “murder capital” and has a lot of issues with systematic racism, however, cities themselves try to inspire democratic ideals.

According to a writer from Forbes, “no two people in any city are the same.” There is a lot to be said about this. Cities provide many opportunities for people to become who they want to me, do what they want to do, and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. These are opportunities that are not always given to people who live in more rural or suburban areas because of the lack of population.

This is why Millennium Park and other public spaces are crucial for the development of feeling like you can contribute to this democratic society. The park is free, and there are places for people to eat, art exhibits on display, and live music is almost constantly playing over the summer and in the fall seasons. People are allowed to just escape the narrow alleys and the often shadowed streets of the city to just enjoy the sun. The urban planning in Chicago is genius to help facilitate the spread of democracy.

No two buildings, no two people are the same. But as much as people love learning about the experience of city life (have you ever tried to count the amount of television shows about urban life?), they also love the look of urban life. City skylines and the idea of having a lovely view of the city from inside is also what drives people to move into more urban places. The Forbes article also highlights the beauty of skyscrapers. “Skyscrapers are amazing feats of engineering and a testament to humankind’s progress. What’s more, skylines offer an array of architectural styles, as cities certainly weren’t built in a day,” it reads.



Author: internetrachael

Rachael is a junior at Keene State College with a major in Management and a minor in American Studies. She's the president of a co-ed social fraternity on campus, and when she isn't working or at school she enjoys sewing and sculpting. Her blog is based off of an experimental teaching style: open pedagogy.

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